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We’re committed to providing practical, useable Bible study resources for personal study or to teach others. Thank you for your interest in God’s word. Let us hear from you!

Whether you are looking for some resources to help in your personal Bible study, or if you need assistance preparing for sermons or Bible classes, you’re sure to find something of value here.

The resources from CrossTies Ministry are all written and produced by Dr. Bill Denton.  Bill has served as a preacher, teacher, and counselor for more than 35 years.

All of the resources on this web site are free! You may use them for your own study, or to help you prepare to teach others. You may copy material for classes without further permission. All we ask is that you include the copyright notices and web site information.

If you use any of these resources, let us know. We are always interested in how people find uses for the information found here. Visit again soon. You will find additional study materials and other useful information added frequently.

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Learn about God’s love, grace and mercy. There’s good news for sinners! Many think they’re a lost cause. Find out why there’s a brighter future ahead. Click the arrow link below.

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“The moment you realize you can’t save yourself is either a moment of great fear or great relief, depending on whether it’s a moment of faith in Christ.” – Bill Denton Radio & Audio Sermons Internet Ministry of Dr. Bill Denton

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Hear Bill Denton’s podcasts online, even download the sound files and save for later. Podcasts vary from short devotional pieces, to sermons, to commentary on various topics.