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Everything On These Pages Is FREE For Personal Use

While all resources on our web site are FREE!  We do have some simple requirements:

If you find these resources helpful, drop us a line and tell us how you used them. We continue to be amazed that so many have told us they were helped personally, or were able to teach others using the materials found here.

Just click on the graphics above.  That will take you to other pages where the individual resources can be found.  Please note that some of these resources are hosted on other servers, and they are available in a variety of formats.  Older material is still in some rather old HTML format, and we apologize about that, but the content is still useful. Other resources will require a PDF reader, or perhaps a program that can “unzip” groups of files.

PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally, in a longer series of sermons, an individual sermon might be missing. Unfortunately that means it’s not available. And, we cannot provide copies of these resources in other formats. Please try to use the resources as they are found.


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