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Thanks goes to Dr. Keith Roberts, minister for the Calhoun (La.) Church of Christ, and responsible for the CrossView School of Prayer.  A few years ago, Keith developed a pamphlet designed to encourage the reading of 40 Great Prayers of the Bible.  That list became the 40 prayers studied and taught in Bill Denton's Sunday morning Bible class.  There are other great prayers, but these are among the best, the most challenging, and they will help you change the way you pray.

Rather than give an outline study of each of the prayers on this list, we have provided the handout sheets for class.  Teachers can still use these handouts for some background information, and some ideas about what questions or points to address, but they will still need to do their own preparation.  The handouts will help your class take notes, and follow up with personal study.

Here are a couple of important points we found to be vitally important to this study:

God bless you in your effort to learn from these prayers, and deepen your trust in the One whose ears are open to the cries of his people.  Pray without ceasing!

 1.  Abraham's Prayer for Sodom

2.  Jacob's Prayer for Mercy from Esau

3.  Moses' Prayer at the Burning Bush

4.  Moses' Praise at Crossing the Red Sea

5.  Moses' 1st Prayer for Israel's Sin

6.  Moses' 2nd Prayer for Israel's Sin

7.  Moses' Prayer for God's Presence

8.  Moses' Prayer of Discouragement

9.  Moses' Prayer After the People's Rebellion

10.  Moses' 40-Day Prayer

11.  Joshua's Prayer in Defeat

12.  Hannah's Prayer for a Child

13.  Hannah's Prayer of Thanks

14.  David's Praise for God's Kingdom

15.  David's Praise for Deliverance

16.  Solomon's Prayer for Wisdom

17.  Solomon's Prayer to Dedicate the Temple

18.  Elijah's Prayer of Self-Pity

19.  Hezekiah's Prayer for Deliverance

20.  Hezekiah's Prayer for Healing

21.  David's Prayer of Praise

22.  David's Prayer at the People's Generosity

23.  Jehoshaphat's Prayer in a Crisis

24.  Ezra's Prayer for the Nation's Sin

25.  Nehemiah's Prayer for Jerusalem's Plight

26.  David's Prayer at His Son's Rebellion

27.  Another of David's Prayers of Praise

28.  David's Prayer for a Pure Heart

29.  David's Prayer to His Shepherd

30.  David's Prayer of Forgiveness

31.  David's Prayer for Guidance

32.  Isaiah's Prayer for Mercy

33.  Jeremiah's Praise of God's Wisdom

34.  Daniel's Prayer of Confession

35.  Habakkuk's Prayer of Praise

36.  The Lord's Prayer

37.  Jesus' Prayer for His Disciples

38.  The Church's Prayer for Boldness

39.  Paul's Prayer for the Ephesians

40.  Prayers of Worship in Heaven

40 Great Prayers Of The Bible